Football fans join together and use US flag to save falling cat from upper balcony at Miami stadium

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Dylan and his friends are at a Miami football game at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, FL when he notices some people in the crowd looking towards the level above him inside the arena. He turns around to find a cat dangling from the upper-tier balcony above them hanging on for its life. Fellow spectators in the stadium watched in horror as the cat clings onto the banner and swings from the balcony, moments away from dropping nearly 70 feet into the stands below.

A group of strangers on lower tier of the stadium quickly band together and come up with a plan to save the cat by using a US flag as a safety net to catch the cat when it falls. They steadily hold the flag open and prepare for the cat to drop as the entire stadium continues to watch in horror. The cat finally lets go of the balcony and miraculously falls onto the flag. A man who helped holds up the cat to show everyone that the cat is okay and the crowd cheers.

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