Weekend Cinema - A London Terminus 1944

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An ethnographers delight... it's 1944 and Britain was still at war and millions of men were in uniform.... the only way to make and create an economy was to aid the movement of millions of people around and across the city. Technically, the UK was broke - it had splurged all of its wealth and some would say it's ill-gotten gains on gunzandbombz (wonder whatever happened to him). It was only being held afloat by massive loans from the US from here and for the next ten years or so. (incidentally, the UK only got to repay the US in about 2005....it goes to show exactly how large these loans were). Anyway, the minutiae of the workings behind the scenes to keep it all going is shown here in this 1944 BTF Classic. As stated, mostly of interest to ethnographers and associated scholars (the author is an accredited ethnographer having studied said discipline at University during the 1990's) historians, fellow Rivet Counters and admirers of the genre. Admittedly, it will be of zero use to a TkTk merchant but this is where Micheal Jackson's advice comes to mind...

In those days TV was still a few years off (the development of civilian TV was delayed because of the war,,,,'there's a war on y'know..) so News Theaters were the places to go and see the TukTuks of the day....the Pathe News and British Pathe news reels etc.... also if ever you wanted to try for smelly-fingers the back row would have been the preferred spot.

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