Blind dog abandoned in sewage drain rescued by kind woman in India

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A blind, old Pomeranian dog was rescued from an open sewage drain by a kind hearted women in south India on June 3.

The rescue took place in Sulthan Batheri area in Ballalbagh city, Karnataka state. According to Rajani Shetty, the woman who saved the dog, on the morning of June 3 she was feeding her pets dog at home, when one of her friends named Ganesh Suvarna informed her that a seemingly injured dog fell into an open sewage drain.

She commented: "I immediately rushed to that place, after reaching there I found that the dog was walking in sewage and bumping into walls, then I realized that the dog was blind." Rajani jumped into the sewage and rescued the dog, lifting it to safety.

Shetty added: "It seems dog fell here last night, it can be dangerous for the dog as the sewage connects with a huge river. [Since] the dog is blind and old, it was probably abandoned by its owner and fell into this while wandering. The dog survived with injuries on its body."

Shetty has since taken in this dog and given it first aid, and will now be looking after the dog for the foreseeable future.

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