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"On Sunday 23/05/2021 I went, together with my wife Juliane, my two daughters Heloísa and Isabel and our little dog Donis, to check the evolution of our house that is under construction in the city of Pato Branco / Paraná / Brazil.

While we were watching the works carried out during the past week, the girls were playing in the sand and our little dog was walking around the neighborhood.

I noticed that a hole has been dug and will be used as a pit. I commented to my wife that it would be convenient to cover it with boards until the work is finished, so that no children or animals fall and cannot get out.

At that moment I saw an animal fallen into the hole. It was a Prea. My first intention was to place a wood so that he could climb. But I realized that he would not go up and decided to put a ladder for Juliane to go to the bottom of the hole and rescue him.

Finally, she managed to rescue him from there, but when she took him out, she released him facing the bush where he lived, but he went to the other side, towards the wall, where the dog Donis unfortunately found him.

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Credit: Andre
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