Bus doors close on elderly woman in Singapore

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This is the shocking moment bus doors closed on an elderly woman – trapping her as she fell to the ground.

The frail passenger was leaving the public vehicle when the doors began closing in the former British crown colony of Singapore in Southeast Asia on November 9.

CCTV shows how she clung on and frantically banged on the glass but was pushed over backwards and fell into the gap between the bus and the pavement.

The passenger’s left leg remained pinned between the bus doors for a while before the doors opened.

Two bus drivers working for the SBS Transit system which operates the rounds then came to her aid at the Hougang bus interchange.

Officials from the company said the driver had been disciplined over the incident.

Tammy Tan, SBS Transit’s senior vice-president of corporate communications, said: ‘The actions of our bus captain are most unacceptable.

‘We have taken strict disciplinary action against the bus captain and will be monitoring his performance closely.’

The passenger was reportedly taken to hospital but was not seriously injured.

Tammy added: ‘We are in touch with her family to extend our care and concern and have offered our assistance too. We do wish her a speedy and complete recovery.’

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