Man tased and arrested in Taylor after fleeing police in stolen Challenger at up to 150 mph

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A 32-year-old man was arrested Thursday night after leading police on a high-speed chase in a stolen Dodge Challenger.

That's according to officials with the Michigan State Police Second District, which released aerial video of the pursuit on Friday.

MSP said its Ariel Unit joined the investigation when troopers in the 'Trooper 3' helicopter overheard that a suspect in a Challenger had fled a traffic stop in Detroit. Heard in the video, a trooper says: "We'll let the troops know, he's doing like 130 (mph) on a freeway right now, westbound 96."

After getting off onto the service drive, police said then driver got onto the southbound Southfield Freeway, speeding at around 110 mph while weaving through traffic. "Let's make that 150 his high now," the trooper then says.

Assisting from the air, Trooper 3 helped guide officers as they followed the suspect to the area of Statler and Canyon streets in Taylor.

The suspect went around the first patrol car and clipped the front passenger side tire of the second patrol car, police said, before he got out and ran.

MSP said the suspect, a Detroit resident, was tased and arrested after a short foot chase.

He was taken to a hospital for injuries from the crash, and the booked at the Taylor Police Department.

Investigators then determined that the car was stolen, police said.

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