Gunman shoots eight dead during union meeting at light rail yard in San Jose before killing himself

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At least nine people are dead and others injured following a mass shooting at a California light rail yard, the county's sheriff's office said Wednesday.
The gunman - identified as Samuel Cassidy - opened fire a little before 7am local time at the yard run by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority near the city's main airport.
The eight victims include Valley Transportation Authority employees. Authorities did not release any of their names.
Cassidy, 57, also died in the shooting. Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith said it was 'undetermined' how the maintenance worker died but local reports suggest he turned the gun on himself.
He is also understood to have set fire to his own home before carrying out the rampage, The LA Times reports. Multiple weapons and ammunition are said to have been found there.
Sheriff spokesman Deputy Russell Davis had earlier confirmed 'multiple injuries and multiple fatalities'. A bomb squad was searching the yard after 'at least one' explosive device was found, Davis said.
One employee's mother told KTVU that the shooting occurred during a union meeting. Workers have since been evacuated.
VTA spokesperson Brandi Childress had earlier said the building where the shooting took place required security access, adding: 'We ask for people's prayers.'
Seven victims died at the scene. Two patients were transported to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, according to spokesperson Joy Alexiou. One person was pronounced dead upon arrival, and the other was in critical condition.

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