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from the point of view of a novice/care-taker/Janitor I'd say this is one of the best explained films of building a nuclear power reactor and the building to house it. This iconic shaped building was based at the great sounding place 'Dounreay' which lay along the coast of Scotland. Considering that anything related to nuclear stuff in those days was deemed as being sort of secret the building of the reactor was filmed showing it being built by men wearing flat caps Donkey Jackets and wellington boots...there were no Dylan materials available in those days. This was to be the UK's first 'Fast Breeder Reactor - whatever that means... at the time the meme of the period said the electricity would be 'too cheap to meter'! this film shows some of the interior building of the same facility. This place is now closed and is being dismantled and they said the ground can be returned to public use in about 250 years - give or take a decade or two. Apparently there was a shaft some 60 metres deep below the reactor vessel which was used for dumping radioactive stuff from 1959 up until the 1970's when an explosion in the shaft put an end to the practice - it is now being emptied and all the gunk is being put into above ground long term storage. Now then, this film isn't for everyone and people should use their loaves when deciding whether to watch it or not...lets just say if you are a rivet counter you may like it but if your a Bud Light drinker this ain't for you at all....(and that's your fault and not mine).

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