Groans reverberate around school as US student rick-rolls every classroom

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A synchronised groan was heard throughout a high school in Chicago, Illinois, as a student managed to rick-roll the entire school.

The student, who goes by White Hood Hacker, posted a video to YouTube of the moment he managed to rick-roll his entire school district.

He explained how he managed to hack into the school's equipment to broadcast Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" music video.

"I did it by hijacking every networked display in every school to broadcast 'Never Gonna Give You Up' in perfect synchronization. Whether it was a TV in a hall, a projector in a classroom, or a jumbotron displaying the lunch menu, as long as it was networked, I hacked it!"

He also told Newsflare about the moment his hack came off: "My first period teacher is in the beginning. Other students are in the hallways as this prank occurred during our passing period.

"Some teachers, as you can see from the footage, attempt to turn off or mute the volume of the projectors, and while muting can temporarily work, as seen in one of the classrooms I peered into, a fail-safe that is referenced in the blog post actually re-enables the volume and sets it back to max."

The student wrote a blog post where they go into detail about how he pulled off the hack, it can be found here: whitehoodhacker.net/posts/2021-10-04-the-big-rick

This prank was recorded on April 30.

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