Body cam shows Newark cops fatally shoot man who fled from double homicide scene

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The Office of the Attorney General has released the body camera footage in the fatal shooting of a double homicide suspect by police in Newark.

The office released four video clips in the killing of 29-year-old Everett Rand, who fled on foot from Newark Police officers as they were investigating a double homicide on the night of May 3.

In the footage, police can be seen chasing after Rand on a city street before he is shot and officers place him in handcuffs on the sidewalk.

Police responded to a 911 call at 8:34 p.m., reporting that two people had been shot inside a home on Johnson Avenue, officials said.

As police were arriving at the scene, Rand was seen leaving the residence and placing something in a nearby dumpster. Multiple officers chased after him as he fled on foot, while other officers entered the home, authorities said.

During the pursuit, Newark Police officers Steven Ferreira and Ryan Castro discharged their firearms, fatally injuring Rand, officials said.

Inside the home, police located Wyleek Shaw, 27, and 8-year-old as Zahmire Lopez, who had both been shot as a result of an apparent domestic dispute, authorities said.

Shaw was pronounced dead at the scene and the child later succumbed to his injuries at University Hospital, the Office of the Attorney General said.

A handgun not belonging to law enforcement was recovered near Rand’s body, and a semi-automatic handgun with a large capacity magazine was later located in the dumpster where he was observed discarding something, officials said.

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