Dashcam Shows Moment Madison Cawthorn Smashes into Florida Trooper’s Car

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New dash camera footage shows the explosive moment when former U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) allegedly slammed into the parked car of a Florida State Trooper on Monday.

Drivers on I-75 were brought to a stand-still earlier this week after a Mercedes which was driving “erratically and aggressively,” according to one witness, tore past them down the highway, and rear ended a cop’s car. As the drivers rode past, many were able to identify the driver of the Mercedes as none other than the avid Donald Trump supporter and accused insurrectionist.

Footage released to the Miami New Times via a public records request shows the exact moment Cawthorn allegedly crashed into the Florida Highway Patrol cruiser.

In the video, the rear window of the trooper’s car shatters at the immense impact from the speeding vehicle. The trooper’s car, which did not appear to be moving, is jolted, and rolls a few meters forward. One trooper can be heard groaning at the impact. “Ugh, damn it,” he says.

In another clip, the trooper can be seen wincing as he steps out of the car and walks a few feet away.

The Florida Highway Patrol confirmed that the trooper involved in the accident “sustained minor injuries and was transported to an area hospital.”

The agency did not identify Cawthorn as the driver, but said the crash involved a 28-year-old man who lives in Coral Cove, both of which match Cawthorn’s description. Cawthorn has yet to comment on the incident.

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