Possible shooting suspect walks into crime scene at shoots at officers, then killed by the officers

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A man was shot and killed in Madison early Saturday morning after authorities say he walked under crime scene tape and opened fire toward Metro police officers.

Metro police released a portion of the body camera footage that shows video of the officers who were involved in the deadly shooting of the unidentified man.

On Saturday, Nov. 12, just after 2 a.m., officers were dispatched to a “non-critical” shooting that occurred in a Maple Street parking lot off Gallatin Pike South.

Once on scene, officers found a 32-year-old victim with multiple gunshot wounds to his extremities. Officials say the man was transported to a local hospital, but would not tell detectives what led to the shooting.

As officers were investigating the scene, a man approached officers with his hands in his pockets, went under the crime scene tape and pulled out a gun.

Bodycam footage shows officers telling the man to remove his hands from his pockets before the man began firing multiple shots in the officers’ direction.

Metro police say three officers — identified as Sgt. John Timm, Sgt. Leonard Spadavecchia and Officer John Robish — all returned fire.

The gunman was shot and pronounced dead at the scene, but none of the officers were injured, according to authorities.

At this time, Metro police are looking to determine whether the man was involved in the initial shooting call.

The shooting remains under investigation by the Davidson County District Attorney’s Office and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), who released the following statement about the incident.

TBI special agents continue to independently investigate the officer-involved shooting aspect of this incident, including collecting evidence and conducting interviews. Throughout the process, investigative findings will be shared with the district attorney general for his further review and consideration.

The TBI acts as fact-finders in its cases and does not determine whether the actions of an officer were justified in these types of matters. That decision rests with the district attorney general requesting TBI’s involvement.

The TBI does not identify the officers involved in these types of incidents and, instead, refers questions of that nature to the respective department to answer as it sees fit.


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