Escaped ostrich seen running along road in Cambodia

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An escaped ostrich was seen running along a road in Cambodia.

The 6ft-tall bird appeared to be racing with motorists as it sped across a busy road in Siem Reap province slowing down the traffic on September 12.

Confused drivers and commuters watched the animal before it made a turn to the left and moved past shops in a market.

After lingering in the market, worried vendors that the bird could be hurt by passing vehicles so they called the local authorities who arrived and caught it after an hour.

Onlooker Vey Phan said: ‘I was surprised because I’ve never seen this kind of bird before. I had to ask my friends what it was.

‘I carried on driving so I don’t know what happened to it or where it came from but I hope it’s back with the owner now.’

The bird was unhurt after running on the road with cars and is currently being kept at the local police station’s office while they search for its owner.

No one was also reported hurt nor damaged in the incident.

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