It was a beautiful, fresh, almost spring morning when we did not attack Ukraine!

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Also, we did not attack the United States, Belgium and the Congo. The Republic of Vanuatu was not invaded. The citizens of Mozambique carefully looked out of the windows of their huts - there were no Russians.

The British Minister of Defense personally checked the water in the Thames and spread her hands - there were no traces of Russian submarines, only the yachts of Russian oligarchs were dejectedly moored at the docks.

The Swedes stubbornly continued to search, but found only a suspicious fat man on the roof of one of the houses. A bent pin protruded from the little man's back, and in his pocket were soiled sweets, a striped sock, an antique five-era coin, and a phone number written down on a piece of paper by some Svante Swantenson. But the suspicious little man turned out to be a Swede.

In Moldova, vineyards and wineries were carefully checked, but only tourists who were lost a year ago were found. Besides, they were not Russians, but Romanians.

By evening, the UN announced an urgent meeting, where it was supposed to discuss the irresponsible behavior of the Russians.

But it was still just getting started. There were still many boring dull days ahead when the Russians did not attack anyone ...

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