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Caution: from the outset it's best to know this vid requires some time investment...if you're a TukTuk merchant you are advised to click that back button and do one as this ain't for you - believe me. However should you be a Rivet Counter or admire the genre take a look at this one...using the steel from the front of a large decommissioned bulk carrier (the front section is specially hardened steel so as to withstand the force of the water at the front of the bow)
..the steel is melted turned back into billets then forged again to whatever shape is required...in this instance it's to make a large helical geel wheel for an equally massive machine. This work was once the preserve of large western manufacturing plants but all that has long gone.

When most of the western centres of industrial production lie in ruins after the Topol M's and the Minutemen have done their dastardly work it'll be smaller units like this one shown here who will fare better that most - probably.

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