Phoenix police release body cam of a deadly shooting at a strip mall

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The Phoenix Police Department released a critical incident briefing Wednesday of the Nov. 2 police shooting of Leontae Kirk, 29, in a strip mall parking lot in the area of 37th Avenue and McDowell Road.

Since 2019, the Phoenix Police Department has produced critical response briefing videos with summaries of police shootings that include some bodycam footage, 911 calls and a narration of the events that led to the shooting.

The incident video begins with a 911 call that was made before the shooting.

"Someone's pulling a gun on me," the 911 caller is heard telling the dispatcher, adding that the incident was taking place at a house.

The caller is heard giving a description of Kirk. Shouting from the suspect can be heard in the background. The caller, police said, stayed on the line until Kirk walked away.

Cellphone footage captured by a relative of the 911 caller shows Kirk outside from a distance as he shouts. The man's face is blurred.

Security camera footage shows Kirk entering a convenience store followed by a second man before the two engage in a verbal altercation, leave the store, and draw firearms on each other.

The incident video features a call between an officer in an overhead police helicopter notifying dispatch of the suspect at the strip mall shooting at people. The dispatcher is then heard calling for additional units.

Phoenix police said in the critical incident video that three officers fired weapons at Kirk, who died from his injuries at the scene.

An off-screen officer, who fired multiple rounds, is heard saying, "I got him down. I got him down."

The third officer, police said, did not activate their bodycam until after the shooting.

The officers, police said, used "a less lethal tool" before approaching Kirk and provided aid upon no response from him with fire personnel taking over.

The incident video also includes a photo of a handgun found on the scene under a vehicle.

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