Man arrested after he dumps the body of his 2-year-old boy inside a plastic bag at Cummings Park

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Police in Connecticut announced on Tuesday that they had captured a man suspected in the death of his 2-year-old son.
The body of Liam Rivera was found in Cummings Park in Stamford Monday night, reportedly inside a plastic bag.

Authorities say the father, 26-year-old Edgar Ismalej-Gomez, is a convicted felon with a history of child abuse.

Prosecutors say that after he killed the boy, Ismalej-Gomez kept the child's mother captive for four days at gunpoint.

The two drove to West Virginia before returning to Stamford, and the woman called her attorney, who notified police.

"This is a horrific and unimaginable tragedy for our city," Stamford Mayor Caroline Simmons said. "And as a mother of young boys, my heart is breaking, as I know all our hearts are breaking, over the tragic loss of this 2-year-old boy."

After finding the body, police worked to locate Ismalej-Gomez, with Police Chief Timothy Shaw crediting patrol cops who he says were relentless in tracking him down.

"We know there are days that are tougher than others," he said. "What the officers saw yesterday is not something they signed up for."

Around 1:30 a.m., Ismalej-Gomez was pulled over in a taxi headed to Port Chester

He is currently charged with violating parole and being held on $3 million bail, but murder charges are said to be pending.

Police said Ismalej-Gomez was also arrested in August 2021 for breaking Liam's arm when the child was 8 months old.

As part of a plea deal in that case, he served 60 days in prison and was given three years probation.

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