Adults and children walk amid rubble looking for personal items in devastated Gaza

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This video filmed on May 28, shows the damage caused by Israel's bombardment of Gaza City. The drone captures devastation and destruction.

In this clip, adults and children walk amid the rubble to check the damage and look for personal items.

The footage also features an interview with a young girl who is 11 years old.

After the ceasefire between the Israeli military and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, thousands of displaced Palestinians returned to their homes. A large number was completely destroyed.

Palestinian officials said it would cost around 100 million US dollars to rebuild the area.

The bombardments damaged the power system, as well as homes and factories. Nearly 50 percent of the water network was damaged in the bombing. The agriculture sector has also been impacted.

The Gaza strip, home to 2 million Palestinians, was already struggling because of a 14-year devastating blockade.

The United Nations said approximately 800,000 people in Gaza do not have regular access to clean piped water.

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