Two men arrested after they passed out at a stoplight and with guns in their laps

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Two people are in custody after what police believe was a DUI incident.

On Monday morning, Oklahoma City police were called about a possible DUI incident where a small white car was stalled in the intersection of NW 39th and Portland.

When OKCPD arrived on scene, officers approached the car and saw two "incapacitated" individuals with guns inside of the vehicle.

Police shut down the intersection and the area around it as they attempted to get the two individuals out of the vehicle by use of their PA system. The two people inside the car would not exit the vehicle.

OKCPD says they used a drone to get a closer look inside of the car to figure out how they should proceed with the situation.

Police eventually approached the car with a shield for safety and removed the two people from the car without further incident. No one was injured in the process.

Lt. Michael Roof with OKCPD provided details of the arrest to Fox 25, saying the two people were "completely out of it" and had practically slept through "the entire thing."

More than 12 patrol cars responded to the scene. Once the two individuals were removed, the vehicle was searched.

The two people face could face charges of driving under the influence, having a weapon while intoxicated, and potentially additional charges.

The names of the individuals have not yet been released.

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