Dashcam footage reveals details of trooper-involved shooting at Turner Turnpike Toll Plaza

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An OHP trooper involved in a deadly shooting at the Turner Turnpike Toll Plaza near Stroud last year will not face charges.
According to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, The Creek County District attorney declined to file charges in the case.

Dash-camera footage of the incident that occurred on September 20th, 2023 was released Friday.

A report from OHP states the trooper was watching eastbound traffic near the toll plaza when he noticed a red tractor-trailer exit the turnpike to pay the toll.

The truck was not pulling a trailer and did not have a license plate displayed on the front bumper.

According to OHP, the trooper initiated a traffic stop just east of the toll booth and made contact with the driver, Alejandro Faudoa.

The trooper brought Faudoa back to his patrol car and asked him several questions.

The report states the trooper made several observations that led him to believe Faudoa was engaged in "some type of criminal activity and not interstate commerce."

When the trooper asked to search the truck, the report says Faudoa refused.

The trooper reportedly informed Faudoa he was requesting a canine officer to come to their location.

According to the report, Faudoa exited the patrol car and went to his truck.

The trooper followed him and tried to keep him from reaching his truck.

Faudoa reportedly fought off the trooper, got into his truck, and tried to take off.

"While [the trooper] fought off Faudoa over the gear shifter, Faudoa reached toward the driver-side door pocket," the report states. "[The trooper] feared Faudoa was reaching for a firearm or other weapon to use against [him]. He feared falling out of the open passenger door and being run over by the truck tractor's dual wheels."

According to OHP, the trooper pulled out his gun and fired several times, hitting Faudoa.

When the truck came to a stop, the trooper reportedly checked for signs of life but believed Faudoa was dead.

Faudoa died as a result of his injuries.

OHP says the name of the trooper involved is not being released.

In October, we spoke to Livier Quirino Ramirez, the mother of Faudoa. She told us that she sent a voice memo to her son the day before he died, praying that God was with him while he was on the road.

At the time, Ramirez claimed that OHP told her there were drugs in Alejandro's truck. Ramirez said she did not have any answers, bodycam video, or any documentation about why he was killed besides a death certificate ruling the incident a homicide.

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