Police Arrest Naugatuck Father Accused of Killing Baby Daughter

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The Naugatuck father accused of killing his 11-month-old daughter has been taken into custody, police said.

Waterbury Police arrested Christopher Francisquini Friday afternoon at about 3 p.m.

Francisquini has been on the run for two weeks. He's accused of killing his baby daughter, Camilla Francisquini. He was taken into custody in the area of 400 Grand St.

Naugatuck police said Camilla Francisquini was choked, stabbed and dismembered on Nov. 18. Authorities have obtained an arrest warrant that charges her father with murder with special circumstances and risk of injury to a minor. Bond for him has been set at $5 million.

In a news conference Friday night, police said Francisquini's arrest was a "direct result of the community."

Police said a concerned citizen called the anonymous tip line, which resulted in Francisquini's arrest. Responding officers established dialogue with him, and he was ultimately taken into custody without incident at a bus stop in the area.

The caller told police that Francisquini had altered his appearance, but was still recognizable.

Police described the murder as heinous and horrific.

Police Chief Colin McAllister said officers have been working nonstop for the past two weeks to bring justice to Baby Camilla.

"[These officers] will carry this case with them for the rest of their lives," McAllister said.

He hopes that the community feels a sense of relief. McAllister said he wants to reassure people that Francisquini is not going to be released, and he faces a slew of charges.

"We hope that [the community] can breathe easier knowing that this violent criminal was taken into custody," the police chief said.

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