14 Migrants, Alleged Smuggler Arrested Following Police Pursuit near Border in Texas

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An alleged human smuggler led Texas Department of Public Safety troopers on a high-speed pursuit near Mission on Wednesday. At the end of the pursuit, troopers and Border Patrol agents arrested the alleged human smuggler and 14 migrants.

The driver then sped away to the end of a dead-end road, where he and the migrants attempted to flee on foot.

Border Patrol agents took 14 migrants into custody. Following a search of the area by a K-9 team, police arrested the driver, a Mexican national.

Olivarez told Breitbart Texas, the driver admitted to being paid $150 per person to pick up the migrants near the Rio Grande and take them to a stash house.

Olivarez tweeted that the driver had been involved in an alleged human smuggling incident in May that resulted in a crash. The pursuit ended near Palmview, Texas.

Olivarez told Breitbart Texas that Border Patrol agents were not able to put the driver behind the wheel and charges were not filed. Federal officials deported him to Mexico.

The man now faces state charges for evading arrest and smuggling of persons, Olivarez stated.

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