Georgia woman crashes into police cars, leads authorities on chase with child in vehicle

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A Georgia woman is facing charges after authorities say she nearly ran over officers and bystanders.

And the incident was all caught on video.

It happened July 15 in Byron. Police shared bodycam video of the incident Monday.

Police say they were called out after reports of a woman driving recklessly in the area. They tried to block in the vehicle from driving away.

But that's when Sierra Hibbert, of Warner Robins, crashed into their vehicles. And even as police had guns drawn, the woman pulled out of the wreckage and kept driving.

A police chase begins and Hibbert is seen refusing to stop even after hitting another officer's vehicle.

Hibbert was eventually stopped after, while driving on just one tire, police were able to block her escape.

"I didn't do anything," the woman is heard saying while being forcefully removed from the driver's seat.

"You just tried to kill 10 people," an officer responds.

Despite the chaos and property damage, no injuries were reported.

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