Milwaukee police released video of a deadly shootout between officers and a murder suspect

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Milwaukee police Monday released video of a deadly shootout between officers and a murder suspect. It happened on Sept. 2, in the crowded downtown entertainment district.

The incident began when police spotted a stolen vehicle connected to Ernest Blakney, who was wanted in the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Nikia Rogers, and in setting their home on fire days earlier.

The pursuit traveled from the city's south side through the north side at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. Police deployed stop sticks multiple times, but the chase continued onto the freeway and into downtown - through security barricades around the entertainment district and onto a street lined with people.

On the video, officers can be heard questioning whether to call off the pursuit, saying, "It's a large crowd. Dude, are we going?"

Another officer responds, "We're not canceled. I don't hear nothing."

It's at that point that Blakney stops, gets out and begins shooting at officers, who return fire killing Blakney. The barrage of gunfire lasted more than 30 seconds. Milwaukee police Blakney fired 18 shots. Officers fired 76.

A 22-year-old woman bystander was shot in the arm and injured. No one else was hurt.

On Monday, WISN 12 News asked Milwaukee's police chief about the decision to keep up the pursuit in that crowded entertainment district.

"We have to make sure that we're doing the right decision for the right reasons. And as you can see in this particular situation, who we were chasing and the reason for, and what happened to have us engage in that - yeah, it was a tough one that night," Milwaulee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman said,

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