‘Homeless’ man found sleeping in ceiling of Oklahoma convenience store

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The employees at an Oklahoma dairy store got a strange surprise when they arrived at work and discovered a squatter napping in the ceiling of the eatery.

Philip Hickman, 41, was caught snoozing in Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Store in Norman, Oklahoma, on Sept. 9, according to police bodycam footage of the revelation.

Employees called police at around 6 a.m. to report a possible robbery after tiles had fallen from the ceiling and the camera system had been damaged, according to News 9.

Norman Police arrived and found the homeless man inside the building.

“Got some dummy up in the ceiling,” Officer Deatheridge can be heard saying in the bodycam footage. “Man, I don’t know how he’s laying up there like that.”

Firefighters can be seen using a ladder to get into the ceiling to access the man, who pretended to nap to avoid arrest.

“The guy is laying in the rafters, we can’t get him to move or do anything. We got no idea how to get him down,” one of the emergency responders said.

Shortly after, Hickman can be seen covered in dust and shirtless after coming down the ladder wearing just jeans and a ball cap.

Officers quickly handcuffed the man, who did not comment throughout the ordeal. Hickman politely gives them his personal information before being led out of the store.

“Just in time for breakfast,” Deatheridge jokes.

It is unclear how Hickman got into the building, as there were no signs of forced entry. Police said he caused around $1,000 worth of damages, News 9 reported.

Hickman did not steal anything from the store, nor was he under the influence. Police suspect he just wanted a warm place to sleep.

Cops are still investigating the incident.

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