US man disguised as pizza deliverer surprises family at reunion

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Heartwarming footage from Pennsylvania has captured the moment a man decided to fly across the country and surprise his family at a reunion dressed up as a pizza delivery man. Joe Pasco, who lives in Florida, was unable to fly to Pennsylvania earlier in the year to attend his father’s 87th birthday.

To make up for his absence, Joe stayed in touch with his sister to ensure he knew when the next family get together would be. As soon as their mother confirmed a date and place Joe informed his sister of his plans. In order to pull off the surprise he managed to order a hat as well as a matching shirt online. His sister was then able to secure empty boxes from a local pizza establishment – who were more than happy to donate the boxes as soon as they heard the plan.

On the day of the surprise Joe’s sister picked him up from the airport and had him wait around the corner from the family home. As soon as everyone had gathered outside, she sent him a message. Joe then made his way on to the family home porch, with members of his family wondering if anyone had ordered pizza.

Speaking about the video Joe said: ‘I did not get to fly to Pennsylvania in April for my father's 87th birthday. Then sometime in the spring, Pennsylvania lifted restrictions so I called my sister fishing for information on whether the whole family would be together again. She proceeded to follow up with my mom about where they were going to be.

She found out they were going to my brother's place for a cookout on a Thursday. So, I booked my flight. She picked me up from the airport at 11:30am, then we waited until 1pm to arrive at my brother's. I waited in her car around the corner and waited for her text that everyone was outside.’

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