Attorneys seek criminal investigation after video shows man beaten by Camden County jail deputies

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Lawyers representing a 41-year-old man, who they say is seen on video being beaten by deputies at the Camden County Detention Center, are calling for a criminal investigation, according to a news release from an attorney who represents him.

Videos were said to have been recorded at the Camden County Detention Center in September. The first video, which was shared by the attorney, shows his client appearing to pick up something on the bench of a jail cell. Deputies enter and appear to try and restrain him before striking him repeatedly on his head.

In a second video, the struggle continues into a hallway, where the man is forced to the ground and appears to be restrained. No audio was audible in the recordings and it’s unclear what might have led to the struggle.

The man was identified by his attorney as Jarrett Hobbs.

“This video is undeniable and the deputies’ actions are inexcusable,” attorney Harry Daniels said in a prepared statement. “Mr. Hobbs entered the Camden County Jail suffering a psychological episode and asking to be placed in protective confinement. But instead of protecting him, these deputies jumped him and beat and kicked him mercilessly...”

According to the attorney, at one point, one of Hobbs’ dreadlocks was ripped from his scalp. Daniels said his client was denied medical treatment and placed in solitary confinement. He noted in his statement that Hobbs was arrested for speeding, driving with a suspended/revoked license and possession of a controlled substance, which are non-violent offenses. Daniels said, after his client was beaten, Hobbs was charged with assault.

“As this happened—they charged him with battery, aggravated assault and obstruction,” Daniels said in an interview with News4JAX. “So they beat him and charged him.”

Daniels has asked the district attorney to be involved with the investigation.

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