Austin PD releases video of police shooting at North Lamar restaurant

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0:00 - 911 Call
15:52 - Surveillance video
17:44 - Officer David Lara
32:53 - Officer Donald Petraitis
44:13 - Officer Ashley Uniszkiewicz
The Austin Police Department on Friday released body-cam video and the 911 audio from an officer-involved shooting that took place at a North Lamar restaurant in October.

During the Oct. 23 incident, APD said Emeka Williams, 42, opened fire on responding officers as they went inside the restaurant patio area where he was hiding.

Five APD officers fired back, hitting Williams multiple times and injuring him, according to APD. He was treated at the scene and taken to the hospital.

No one else was hurt, but the gunfire came in close proximity to a restaurant patron who was near Williams when he opened fire, APD said.

Williams was charged with attempted capital murder, a first-degree felony, and deadly conduct, a third-degree felony.

As per the department’s policy, video of the officer-involved shooting was released within 10 business days of the incident.

The materials released on YouTube include footage from three officers’ body cams and the restaurant camera. Audio of 911 calls related to the incident was also released.

Breakdown of officer-involved shooting from APD
APD said the night of Oct. 23, Williams, who was armed with a gun, first appeared at an apartment complex in the 8900 block of North Lamar Blvd., where he walked toward a man with his gun pulled.

When officers arrived at the complex, they weren’t able to find Williams, and the 911 caller said Williams was last seen going northbound on Lamar, APD said.

A few minutes later, APD said officers found Williams inside a restaurant in the 9200 block of North Lamar. He was in an enclosed patio area that was surrounded by plexiglass.

APD said an officer started to give commands to Williams using the public address system in the police vehicle. Officers knew he was armed, and they were telling him to come out of the restaurant with his hands up.

“White shirt, Austin Police Department K9 here, come out with your hands up,” officers could be heard telling Williams at 3:11 in this body-worn camera video.

During this time, officers also tried to call and evacuate the restaurant, as several patrons were inside, according to APD.

Williams didn’t comply with verbal commands, APD said. At this time, some workers and patrons were ushered to safety.

APD said officers saw Williams was still armed with a gun. He crouched down between two rock pillars, hiding. Officers saw a man was also in the area of Williams on the patio.

The restaurant footage shows Williams in a white shirt, between the two pillars at the start of the video. Then the officers open up the doors, and Williams can be seen at 57 seconds aiming what appears to be a gun at the doors. By 1:02 minutes, you see Williams go down in the footage.

Footage from one of the body cams shows an officer running up to the restaurant at 9:27. As he gets to the restaurant door and pears inside, gunshots go off. The officer moves a few feet back to safety, then heads back into the restaurant and opens fire toward Williams at around 9:34.

Just before 10 minutes into the video, you can see a black gun visible on the ground next to Williams. At this time, officers begin shouting at Williams to not reach for the gun, the video shows.

“Don’t do it. I don’t want to shoot you again,” one officer yelled on the video.

APD said the man who was near Williams was squatting on the ground when this happened.

After Williams fell to the ground, officers were able to retrieve his gun and give him medical help, APD said.

APD wanted to remind the public it’s still early on in the investigation, and the details released Friday are only preliminary.

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