Six-year-old girl rescued after getting fingers stuck in door

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A six-year-old girl had to be rescued after getting her fingers stuck in a door.

Bina Huttasareepong was alone in their bedroom with her pet cat when she curiously played around with the door hinge in Chanthaburi province, Thailand on September 6.

The girl shrieked in pain as her tiny fingers were caught between the narrow space and called for her mother who rushed to check on her.

Upon seeing the youngster, mother Passarak called the rescue team for help who arrived with tools to unhinge the door and prevent injuring the young girl’s finger bones.

Passarak said: ‘My daughter Bina looked so much in pain, I did not know what to do and could only call the rescue team for help.’

While waiting for the volunteers, she poured cooking oil on the girl’s fingers but to no avail as they were tightly stuck between the gap.

Rescue workers used a power drill to remove the door nut before successfully removing the girl’s fingers within two minutes.

A team member then performed first aid on the little girl after finding that her fingers were swollen from being squeezed.

The relieved mother thanked the team for helping her daughter. She said: ‘I’m just relieved that she’s safe now thanks to the rescuers.

I would like to thank the rescue team for helping my daughter. My daughter Bina looked so much in pain, I’m just glad she’s safe now.’

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