Body cam footage released of a DA investigator involved shooting with a murder suspect in Sky Valley

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The Riverside County District Attorney's office released body cam footage of a DA investigator involved shooting with a murder suspect in Sky Valley.

The shooting happened back on Oct. 14, 2022.

The incident started at around 7:40 a.m. in Desert Hot Springs when police found a man dead with a gunshot wound at the 13500 block of Mountain View Road.

The suspect, Oscar Ernesto Canas, 42, was located shortly after Noon near the area of Driscoll Road and Dillon Road in Sky Valley. Authorities attempted a vehicle takedown during a pursuit that ended on a dirt road.

Body cam video revealed that Canas was surrounded by law enforcement following the end of the pursuit.

In a video released alongside the body cam footage, Joseph DelGiudice, Bureau of Investigation chief, said Canas remained non-compliant with commands to show his hands and exit the vehicle. A member of the DA's Gang Impact Task Force shot the vehicle with two less-lethal projectiles. One projectile struck the driver's side door, while the second shattered the driver's rear window.

Following that, DelGiudice said that Canas "made movements consistent with reaching for a firearm." A GIT member then fired a single round from their service weapon, striking Canas in the left arm.

As Canas comes out of the vehicle, the video shows a handgun falling out of his pants. DelGiudice said the handgun was determined to be loaded with a live round in the chamber.

Canas was taken into custody and given medical aid. He was temporarily hospitalized before being booked into jail. He was arraigned on murder charges on Oct. 20, where he pleaded not guilty. He is scheduled to appear in court again on Dec. 9.

DelGiudice said the investigation into the DA investigator shooting remains active. The DA's office is typically the agency that will handle officer-involved shootings. However, because its investigator was involved, the California Attorney General's office will review this investigation.

The DA's office will also internally review the incident, DelGiudice added.

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