Detroit police chase down stolen vehicle, arrest driver with help from MSP helicopter

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The Michigan State Police helicopter, known as Trooper 2, helped MSP and Detroit Police apprehend the driver of a stolen car after the suspect fled an earlier encounter.

On Wednesday, Mar. 8, a suspect failed to comply with a traffic stop, driving off instead.

Trooper 2 caught up with the stolen vehicle on eastbound Tireman at Burt St., just east of Rouge Park and the Rouge River.

The car drove five blocks east, where Trooper 2 saw it pull into a residential driveway on Stout St.

Parking behind the house, the driver and passenger both exited the vehicle. While the passenger got into a second vehicle and left, the driver continued on foot and attempted to enter the residence.

After failing to get inside the house, the driver climbed in the stolen car and headed back out onto Stout St.

Trooper 2 followed the suspect east to an apartment complex that looked to be on Joy Rd between Lauder St. and Marlowe St.

Leaving the vehicle in a lot behind the complex, the driver began to walk away. As he walked, he was approached head-on by nearly hala-dozen police vehicles.

The suspect ran, but only made it a block before law enforcement cut him off on Terry St., tackling the driver and taking him into custody.

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