IMPD release bodycam of the fatal shootout with Kelvin Chander after he shot a homeowner

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According to previous reports, 26-year-old Kelvin Chander was shot by an IMPD officer on Apollo Way on May 15.

Chandler was suspected of taking part in a shooting about 30 minutes earlier in the 6300 block of Watercrest Way. Chandler allegedly shot a man at a home on Watercrest Way and fled the scene with a firearm.

The video said officers were called to a home in the 6300 block of Watercrest Way on a call of a shooting.

When officers first arrived at the home, they found the homeowner with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. The person who was shot told officers that he was shot by Chandler, who was sitting with him.

The homeowner told police that Chandler allegedly grabbed a 9 mm firearm and threatened to shoot him. After an initial altercation, the homeowner retreated to a bedroom, where Chandler allegedly forced his way in with two guns.

Chandler pulled the trigger on one of the firearms, which jammed. Chandler’s second attempt to shoot the homeowner missed. The third shot hit the owner in the abdomen. The owner tried to fire Chandler’s gun, but it apparently jammed.

After the shooting, Chandler fled the home on foot with a firearm. A description of Chandler was broadcast over the radio, the video shows.

A perimeter was established in the neighborhood where the shooting occurred. Chandler was initially located running with the gun in the 6500 block of Apollo Way.

The video included the initial body camera footage of an officer who initially saw Chandler but lost sight of him after he ran behind a house. The footage included what that officer heard on the radio from the shooting moments later.

The video then showed body camera footage from the officer who ultimately shot Chandler. In the video, the officer runs to where they believe Chandler was located. When the officer spotted Chandler between two houses, shots were fired as Frees yelled “stop, stop.” Then there was an exchange of gunfire between the two.

During the exchange of gunfire, the officer fell to the ground, screamed a complaint and fired several more shots.

“F—, back there,” Frees told a nearby officer after the exchange of gunfire. “It’s behind the house.”

Chandler was then located on the ground between two houses along Apollo Way. An officer then deployed a flashbang device, consisting of a soft and loud noise designed to distract individuals. Officers said no movement was seen from Chandler.

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