Glendale Police released bodycam of an arrest of a man who fired his rifle almost a dozen times

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Glendale Police said they arrested Eric Bermudez overnight after he fired his rifle from the front yard of his home near 71st Avenue and Bethany Home Road.

According to police, Bermudez is a prohibited possessor following a conviction from 2012 and shouldn’t have had a gun. Bermudez had four guns; one was stolen, police said.

ShotSpotter, an audio surveillance technology designed to detect gunshots, initiated a call for service around 3 a.m. on Sunday after recording six gunshots. As police responded to the call, ShotSpotter issued another dispatch, indicating that five more shots were fired from the same area.

Police dispatch then received a call from a witness who was at the home and was able to share the precise location. The witness alerted the police that a child was inside the house, as well as the suspect’s girlfriend.

Police said that once they arrived at the home, they spotted Bermudez yelling at his girlfriend in the living room and armed with an AR-style rifle with a sling around his neck.

Police said officers gave verbal commands to Bermudez to drop his rifle, but he did not comply.

Court documents said police retreated, but they were able to locate and extract the witness and the child from the window of a bedroom in the home. Police remained on scene, and around 5 a.m., the suspect exited the house and surrendered.

Bermudez is facing charges with four counts of possession of a firearm by a prohibited possessor, possession of a stolen firearm, discharge of a firearm within city limits, and disorderly conduct.

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