Chinese authorities kick open door as teacher breaks restrictions by gathering students in room for lessons

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Authorities kicked a door open as a teacher broke COVID-19 rules to gather 18 students in a room for lessons in eastern China.

In the video, shot in the city of Ma'anshan in Anhui Provine on August 5, officers kicked a door open and took a teacher out of the room.

According to reports, the training institution broke COVID-19 rules by gathering dozens of students in a building to give them lessons.

Police officers and pandemic prevention workers removed over 30 students from the building after they arrived.

Since the teacher in a room refused to open the door after the officers knocked it for more than 10 minutes, they finally forced their way into the room.

According to reports, the training institution did not have a permit to run lesssons and it also broke the COVID-19 rule of suspending all training institutions.

The institution has been closed and punished.

The video was provided by local media with permission.

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