Short video shows Blount County SWAT team shooting Joshua Hutton, who threatened suicide by cop

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The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating what lead to an officer-involved shooting that happened Saturday morning, according to the Blount County Sheriff's Office.

Before noon, BCSO responded to a call for service from a man who was on his way to the 2600 block of Old Chilhowee Road to confront the person who lives there. They said the suspect, Joshua Hutton, was also threatening suicide by cop.

When Hutton arrived at the home, he barricaded himself inside with a gun. Police said the other people inside the house were not harmed and were allowed to leave.

The Sheriff’s Crisis Negotiation and SWAT teams arrived and tried to talk him out of the house. BCSO said after several hours, Hutton engaged the deputies with a gun, which resulted in the officer-involved shooting.

The deputy who was involved is on paid administrative leave, depending on the outcome of TBI’s investigation.

According to officials, Hutton was then taken to UT Medical Center, where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and released into BCSO custody. He will be served three outstanding felony warrants and is facing additional felony charges.

In November 2022, Hutton was sentenced to eight years probation for aggravated burglary, aggravated assault and delivery/sale of meth, according to the Tennessee Department of Correction. Later, in January 2023, he was then charged with theft of property, unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities and possession or casual exchange of meth, according to the Knox County Sheriff's Office.

No deputies or other individuals were injured, BCSO said.

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