Zinc V Atomic Metals V Cancer

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Cocaine approx $15 million per ton black market.
Gold approx $5.8 million per ton.
Zinc $Peanuts but worth $3.3 million per ton if you can convince your people to consume it.
FACT. The USA are the worlds largest Zinc Miners/Producers and Consumers.
They Produced 780,000 metric tonnes of zinc in 2019,
it is £20.00 for a tub of 240 x 25mg pure zinc tablets, (6 grammes holland & barrett) 1000 x gr in a kg, 1000 kg in a ton = 1 million grammes in a ton divided by 6 grammes = 166,666 tubs of tablets at £20 each per ton = 0ver £3,300,000 per ton but....Americans Consumed 950,000 metric tonnes of zinc in 2019, 170,000 tonnes more than they produced and had to import.
Zinc is linked to obesity in American Studies, Yet, linked to Cancer in chinese studies because cancer cells prosper from blood cells higher in zinc.
1,762,450 americans got cancer in 2019 out of a very low three hundred million population.
all metals are atomic and the only known substance in the universe that can carry electricity at absolute zero -273.15 Celsius (-459.67 F).
One gramme of atomic polonium metal evaporated in to the atmosphere in a nuclear bomb can kill 3 million people within 21 days in a very highly populated city.
(Alexander Litvinenko survived 1st november to 22nd november 2006 with hospital care)
I wouldn't be putting any metals in to my body outside of natural foods.
I smoked a million cigarettes (carcasm) but stopped in 2007 after 26 years.
so a miniscule amount of zinc would probably kill me according to the chinese studies in lung cancer and cancer cells.
no thanks America you keep the metals and the massive profits.

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