Car plows through Waterbury fatal crash scene, pursuit ends at condo complex

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It was a close call for Waterbury Police officers Tuesday night while they were investigating a pedestrian fatality. A car plowed through the scene, leading to pursuit and an arrest at a condo complex was caught on body and dash camera footage.

Approximately an hour and a half into their investigation of the death of Merton Larmore, 42, of New Milford, who was killed while crossing Chase Avenue, a car was driven through police tape right into the scene of the investigation.

Officers can be heard screaming "Stop! Stop," at the driver, identified as 35-year-old Myrice Hodge, of Waterbury, who disregarded police instructions and put the unregistered black Jaguar into reverse, smashing a police cruiser before then driving back toward several cops.

"Get out of the car," yelled an officer as Hodge narrowly missed the officer, whose body camera fell to the ground as he dodged the danger.

Hodge, with multiple felony convictions in tow, jumped the curb and sped off through the Aldi supermarket parking lot, narrowly missing several people walking through the lot.

"That car was seen by Waterbury officers a short time later," said Waterbury Police Chief Fernando Spagnolo. "They attempted to stop that car. Hodge refused to stop for those officers, who continued to try to stop him."

And flying out of his car, according to the arrest report, came 21 bundles of heroin Hodge allegedly ditched. The pursuit didn't end until he crashed the car into the condominium complex where he and his girlfriend live on Bradley Avenue.

"He led police on a foot pursuit into a common hallway where it was taken into custody," Spagnolo said.

"Yo, get on the ground," a female officer could be heard saying on the body camera footage released.

"Don't touch me," fired back Hodge.

"Get on the ground first," she replied as she and a male officer were attempting to gain control of Hodge.

He faces nine charges, including two counts of criminal attempt at assault and seven counts of reckless endangerment.

Despite his extensive record, in both New York and Connecticut, Hodge had been free on a $50,000 bond as a result of weapons and narcotics charges in Naugatuck in 2020.

And Spagnolo is fed up with low bonds for repeat offenders.

"Back in our communities wreaking havoc putting police officers' lives in danger as well as our community members' lives in danger not to mention the thousands of dollars in taxpayers' money that's gonna need to be spent to repair a cruiser so we can get it back on the street and answer calls for service for people who really need the police," he said.

The bond for Hodge, who police say has gang connections, was set at $1 million but that was reduced today by a judge in Waterbury Superior Court Wednesday to $750,000.

His girlfriend, Samara Roberson, 24, was arrested for resisting arrest and interfering with an officer.

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