Would be thieves arrested when an APD marked unit observed a group of males wearing masks and gloves

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On December 14, 2022, an Atlanta police officer was headed to a call in a marked patrol vehicle when he observed a group of males in the area of 123 Marietta St watching his every move as they walked down the street. They continued to look back at the officer as he drove in the opposite direction, headed to his next call.

During this time, the males, who were wearing face coverings and gloves, were standing in front of the entrance to a parking deck. While driving away from the males, the officer decided to do a quick U-turn and went back to the location to further investigate. When he arrived, he no longer saw the males and decided to patrol the parking deck at the location.

While on the first floor of the parking deck, the officer observed the same males actively looking into parked, unoccupied vehicles. Upon sight of the officer, the males immediately fled the scene on foot, and the officer was able to apprehend one of the males. Additional officers responded to the parking deck and located the remaining males near State Farm Area.

The males were immediately detained, where officers recovered one firearm. Upon further investigation, all arrestees, who were juveniles, were charged with Loitering and Prowling and Obstruction by fleeing. One arrestee had the additional charge of underage possession of a firearm. All juveniles were given a copy of charges and released to their guardian.

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