APD releases video from officer-involved shooting that injured alleged carjacker

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0:00 - Radio traffic
5:31 - Surveillance video
11:23 - Dash camera
16:06 - Body camera
Police have released bodycam video from an officer-involved shooting earlier this month in North Austin that left a suspected carjacker in critical condition.

The incident happened Monday, August 8, in the 6300 block of Cameron Road.

33-year-old Brandon Michael Munoz remains at a local hospital in critical but stable condition.

The Austin Police Department says it started at around 11:15 p.m. when an officer conducted a traffic stop on a motorcycle at the intersection of Cameron Road and Hwy 290.

When the motorcycle came to a stop, Munoz got off and ran south on Cameron Road with the officer in pursuit. Police say that is when the officer noticed Munoz had a gun -- and the officer ordered Munoz to drop the weapon multiple times.

As this was taking place, the DPS trooper who was in the area was monitoring the radio when they responded to help the APD officer.

APD says Munoz ran into a nearby strip center where several cars that were parked. One of the cars had someone sitting inside waiting on someone else. Munoz entered the car from the passenger side and attempted to carjack the vehicle and told the person in the car to start driving. That's when the APD officer and DPS trooper noticed what was happening, and fired shots at Munoz.

Munoz was critically injured. The driver, trooper and officer were not hurt.

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