Man shocked by stun gun at Marlboro Co. Detention Center files lawsuit

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Jarrell Johnson, 36, of Bennettsville has filed a lawsuit in federal court regarding his time in jail.

Johnson has been at the Marlboro County Detention Center since May of 2020 when deputies arrested him on charges he beat his father with a baseball bat.

Johnson was reportedly shocked with a stun gun at the detention center following his arrest.

According to a news release from Johnson's lawyers, deputy Andrew Cook continued to deploy his stun gun "well after Johnson, who has a history of mental health issues, is subdued and compliant."

The release said now indicted Marlboro County Sheriff Charles Lemon ordered Cook to shock Johnson with the stun gun.

Lemon and Cook are charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature and misconduct in office.

Johnson is representing himself in the lawsuit he filed last week, according to federal court documents.

He questions in the suit why he hasn't been released from prison after being there for nearly two years.

He said he was falsely arrested and was not read his Miranda Rights.

Johnson said the arresting officer's body cam video should show that his Miranda Rights weren't read to him.

Johnson also said he has a daughter, he's on good terms with his father and is ready to get back to his life.

Federal court documents state Johnson's civil lawsuit "failed to provide sufficient information for initial review. Therefore, this case is not in proper form for service at this time. If Plaintiff does not bring this case into proper form within the time permitted by this order, this case may be dismissed for failure to prosecute and failure to comply with an order of this court under Rule 41 of the Fed. R. Civ. P."

Johnson has until Sept. 15 to bring his lawsuit into proper form for review or it could be dismissed.

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