Sheridan police release dashcam video of a high speed chase that had a deadly outcome for the suspect

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Police in Sheridan say a driver is dead after a Tuesday attempted traffic stop led to a high-speed chase that ended in a crash.

Chief Jason Teague reported that a Sheridan Police Department officer attempted to stop at 2:40 p.m. inside the city limits.

Teague said the driver of the car refused to stop, at which point the officer initiated a chase that eventually left the city limits and involved other SPD officers as well as Grant County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

The chief said the pursuit was approximately eight miles north of Sheridan when the suspect driver pulled into the same lane as an unidentified SPD officer. That was when the officer used the police vehicle to stop the suspect car, which lost control and crashed into a roadside ditch.

Teague reported that the officers on the scene were quickly joined by emergency medical personnel, who attempted lifesaving measures on the driver of the crashed vehicle. Despite those efforts, though, the driver died at the scene.

Officers said a passenger in the vehicle was injured and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Teague claims that a substance believed to be methamphetamine was found on the suspect at the hospital, noting that charges are pending for that individual.

Teague said the driver and passenger, neither of whom were identified, both had active warrants for their arrests and added that the vehicle involved in the chase and crash was stolen. He also said the way the vehicle was being driven at high speeds showed “an indifference for human life” by the driver.

There was no mention of any injuries to other drivers or law enforcement officers in the department’s report.

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