Ex-Cardinals Exec Bill Bidwill Jr. Bloodied After Wife 'Beat The S--t' Out Of Him With Beer Glass

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Former Arizona Cardinals executive Bill Bidwill Jr., the brother of current owner Michael Bidwill, was left beaten, battered and bloodied from a fight over the summer with wife Nicole, according to video obtained by — you guessed it — TMZ.

The altercation took place in June, but police bodycam footage was released this week. The five-minute video shows police responding to the Bidwill’s Arizona residence, where the altercation apparently stemmed from an argument over … carpet installation.

“She was very upset at me,” Bill can be heard saying as he wiped himself off with a towel.

“I’m sitting on the couch, and she’s screaming at me. And I was trying to not escalate because she has a very bad temper. And then she started hitting me, and I just started defending myself.”

Arizona Cardinals executive Bill Bidwill Jr. and wife Nicole argue over carpet installation

Holy mackerel. What a scene. Bidwill, who was last an exec with Arizona in 2019, went on to say wife Nicole “must have hit” him “a hundred times.”

Now, I know what you’re all thinking — who do we believe here? It’s a valid question, because there’s always two sides to every story.

The kicker, however, may come in the form of Nicole, who was not very responsive to the police being called to the scene. And by that, I mean she strapped herself to the hood of her car and refused to leave.

Hooooooooooly mackerel, again!

A lot to digest there, from Bill wiping blood off his head to the police dragging Nicole to the car.

Some of the other highlights include Bidwill saying Nicole hit him over the head with a glass cup full of beer, and that the former exec actually insisting that police arrest him instead because Nicole “would not tolerate that well.”

Unfortunately — as you can see — that was a no-go for the arresting officers, who dragged Nicole to the cop car and later booked her on assault charges.

Bidwill does not currently have any role with the Cardinals, but served vice president for several years under his father, Bill Bidwill Sr., who died in 2019.

Current owner Michael Bidwill, Bill’s brother, is currently under fire after more reports emerged today of a toxic workplace environment out in Arizona. OutKick also wrote about that back in April.

As for brother Bill’s domestic dispute, the Cardinals did release a statement following the incident in June, calling it a “difficult time for their family.”

“Two weeks ago, Nicole Kugler Bidwill was involved in an incident that resulted in her arrest,” the statement said. “This is a difficult time for their family, but her husband and children love her very much and are thankful that she is currently receiving the help she needs.”

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