Police body camera video shows moments before arrest of former Reds' pitcher Tom Browning

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A well-known former Reds player is facing legal trouble after being arrested over the weekend.

New police body camera video shows Tom Browning aka Mr. Perfect being questioned by Georgetown Police.

Browning was arrested Saturday night, police said. Witnesses at the scene said he was speeding through the area, knocking down power lines and a stop sign and spinning his vehicle, eventually hitting a house before driving off.

According to Georgetown police, Browning said he was coming back from a charity event and fell asleep at the wheel.

In the video, after police performed a sobriety test Browning admitted to having a couple of bourbons and it may have affected him more than he thought.

Police records showed Browning’s blood-alcohol level was an 0.127. The legal limit is 0.08.

Browning was charged with two counts of OVI, failure to stay in marked lanes and failure to maintain control.

Browning is most well known for his perfect game he pitched for the Reds back in 1988, earning him his nickname.

Browning posted a $2,000 bond and is expected back in court on Sept. 14.

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