Traffic camera video shows Scottsdale police shooting, killing an armed suspect in a stolen SUV

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The video is from a traffic camera at Scottsdale and Cactus roads and shows drivers moving before the camera focuses on a dark-colored SUV being followed by a marked Scottsdale police SUV with its lights on.

Police said 52-year-old Laquanza Young was driving the SUV. Young is going north and moves into the left turn lane, stopping at the red light while traffic moves on the southbound side.

A uniformed officer is seen getting out of the marked SUV, but since the video doesn’t have any audio, it’s unclear if the officer shouts any commands. The officer is out of his SUV with his rifle drawn as Young opens his door.

The traffic camera zooms in as Young gets out, faces the officer and shoots, police said. One officer from the marked SUV is seen returning fire, while an officer in an unmarked truck also returns fire but isn’t seen on camera.

Young gets back into his SUV for cover.

Video shows a bullet shattering the driver’s side window as more rounds are fired. Young is seen on the video trying to hide in the driver’s seat, but his leg is sticking out.

Bullets damage the SUV, including popping the back tire. The camera then pans right to show the second officer and another marked SUV parked on Scottsdale Road before fading to black.

Young died in the SUV.

Police said the SUV was stolen from Phoenix, and Scottsdale spotted it using an automatic license plate reader.

One officer involved in the shooting has three years of experience, while the other has 24 years. Both have been placed on paid leave, which is standard protocol after a police shooting.

An investigation is ongoing.

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