Kenton County man suing Covington police officer for use of excessive force

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A Kenton County man is suing a Covington police officer for use of excessive force after he says he was knocked unconscious when he was slammed into a car.
In a federal lawsuit, Alex Kallmeyer says he was walking along 11th Street and Madison Avenue on Oct. 8, 2023 when he was confronted by an officer.

Body camera footage of the incident from Kallmeyer's attorney.

Kallmeyer is stopped by officer Samuel Mathews, who, according to the lawsuit, believed Kallmeyer was intoxicated. The two have a conversation, and Kallmeyer is then seen walking with his hands out toward the squad car. As he's doing so, he is grabbed by Mathews and slammed into the squad car.

According to the lawsuit, Kallmeyer says he was slammed down even though he wasn't combative, and Mathews did so with such force that it damaged the officer's car and knocked Kallmeyer unconscious. The vehicle sustained between $500 and $1,000 in damage, according to the lawsuit.

In the video, Mathews then rubs on Kallmeyer's chest in an attempt to bring him back to consciousness. Once Kallmeyer is conscious, Mathews asks him if he has any weapons on him as another officer approaches the arrest before the video ends.

According to the lawsuit, Kallmeyer was then charged with hitchhiking, public intoxication, resisting arrest and criminal mischief in the second degree. In November 2023, he pleaded guilty to public intoxication, and all other charges were dismissed.

The City of Covington told WCPO 9 that it is aware of the incident.

"After conversations with Mr. Kallmeyer's attorney and reviewing the evidence, we're going to defend our officer," the city said in a statement.

In a statement from his attorney, Kallmeyer said, "the officer could have helped me that night. Instead, he assaulted me."

"I have brought this lawsuit to hold the officer accountable and alert the public as to what happened," Kallmeyer said in a statement.

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