Train stops 3 armed juveniles who pistol-whipped Cleveland carjacking victim

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The Garfield Heights Police Department said its officers were notified that a black GMC Acadia was stolen in a carjacking in Cleveland by three armed suspects on May 7.

The carjacking victim was pistol-whipped during the robbery, GHPD stated.

Officers spotted the stolen GMC heading eastbound on Granger Road through Garfield Heights, according to GHPD.

GHPD said the GMC drove away from officers, who pursued it through Maple Heights to Broadway Avenue and McCracken Road, where a train boxed in the GMC.

“It was around 6 o’clock. I noticed, so we’ll hear like sirens and stuff,” Mahmoud explained. “I just happened to look in the back of the store and the train tracks were swarmed with cop cars. I seen an SUV like it was turned some type of way.”

Body camera footage shared by the Garfield Heights Police Department showed the moment the suspects were caught and taken into custody.

They were then turned over to the Cleveland Division of Police with additional charges pending through Garfield Heights, according to GHPD.

Four firearms were recovered from the GMC, GHPD stated, two of which were stolen.

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