Armed security guard turned out to be Atlanta's most wanted suspect

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On Wednesday, August 10, 2022 Investigators with the Auto Crimes Enforcement Unit (A.C.E.) and Fugitive Unit were able to successfully take into custody one of Atlanta Police Department’s (APD) most wanted person, 32-year-old Jordan Pack. Mr. Pack was wanted by APD for three separate aggravated assault cases along with multiple other charges, two being from 2020 and one from this year. In addition, Mr. Pack had multiple confirmed warrants out of three other jurisdictions, that include Gwinnett County SO, Douglas County SO, and Norcross PD.

During the August 10th arrest, the vehicle believed to be driven by Mr. Pack was spotted at 320 Fairburn Rd SW. Officers were able to observe Mr. Pack get out of the vehicle and take him into custody without incident where he provided a false name to officers. Moments later, he was positively identified as Jordan Pack via fingerprint scanner on scene. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Mr. Pack was working at the location as a security guard. Officers were able to recover a firearm from the holster that was attached to his belt along with a shotgun that was inside the vehicle he was seen exiting. Also recovered a ballistic vest, machete, brass knuckles, and pepper spray.

He was charged with Possession of a firearm by a Convicted Felon x2 and Giving False Name along with his other outstanding warrants. He was transported to the Fulton County Jail and taken into their custody.

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