Body Cam Video Shows Catoosa Police Pursuit With Illinois Murder Suspect

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Newly released body camera video shows the moments when an Illinois man, wanted for murdering four people, led Catoosa Police on a chase.

The pursuit happened in September and ended in a fiery crash. Police say Nathaniel Huey Jr. refused to get out of the car and instead shot and killed his fiancé, then himself.

There was a nationwide manhunt for Huey Jr after police say he killed a family of four execution-style in Romeoville, Illinois. Then, days later, Catoosa Police got a hit on his license plate from license plate reading cameras in the city.

The body camera video shows Catoosa Police and OHP trying to rescue Ermalinda Palomo from a burning car on I-44 near the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tulsa after her fiancé Huey Jr., ran from police, crashed, then shot Palomo in the head.

Police say license plate reading cameras around Catoosa got a hit on a car that was tied to Palomo, who’d been reported missing woman in Illinois. Then, police learned the same car was tied to a murder suspect in Illinois. A Catoosa officer spotted the car at Walmart and saw Huey and Palomo walk out of the store together and get in the car. Police say during the pursuit, Huey crashed into the center median on I-44.

Paramedics tried to save Palomo's life on the highway, but she later died at the hospital. Huey was found dead inside the car, in the driver’s seat. Huey was wanted for shooting and killing an Illinois couple and their two young boys, and shooting the family's dogs.

Police in Illinois have not yet released any information about a motive for the murders there.

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