Bodycam shows police chasing purse snatcher in Manhattan subway station

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The NYPD released body camera footage of an accused repeat criminal stealing a purse but getting chased down and arrested by police in Manhattan on Saturday, according to authorities.
Alex Martinez, 41, got into a struggle over a 23-year-old woman’s purse around 1 a.m. while waiting for the southbound no. 6 train at the 59th Street and Lexington Avenue subway station, according to police.

The bodycam video shows police chasing Martinez as he attempted to run out of the station. During the chase, Martinez dropped the bag on the ground, according to police. Police caught Martinez on the stairs and returned the purse to its owner.

The NYPD Chief of Transit, Michael Kemper, responded to the video on his social media account, saying:

This past Saturday … just after 1:00am … the 59th Street station in Manhattan:

Transit (TPF) cops were patrolling the station when they observed a male running off a train with a woman in pursuit. Turns out, the male just snatched the woman’s purse from her as the train pulled into the station. Without hesitation, they gave chase … apprehending him & arresting him. And yes, her stolen purse was returned to her.

The perpetrator, a 41-year-old transit offender who is WELL KNOWN to the NYPD, had an active bench warrant for his arrest & has an open pending court case for a different grand larceny (felony) arrest that occurred in another Manhattan subway station in October of 2023.

Outstanding job officers!

Martinez was charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property, according to the NYPD.

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