Cape Coral officers rescue a woman from a sinking car after she drove in a canal

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A dramatic scene played out in the early morning hours Tuesday in Cape Coral, Florida. According to city police, a woman drove her vehicle into a canal and was sinking fast.

“Without hesitation,” Officer Kwesi Johnson jumped into the water, bust out the driver’s side window, and rescued the woman, the agency said In a Facebook post after the rescue in Cape Coral, near Fort Myers in Southwest Florida.

In dashcam video provided with the post, Johnson arrives and springs into action. The cop pops out of his patrol car and dashes over to the canal, throws off his equipment and jumps in. Sirens wail in the distance.

The woman inside the car is screaming, groaning and coughing as Johnson repeatedly rams a punch tool against the passenger window.

“Try the back window!” another officer screams from land.

After about seven tries, Johnson succeeds and the glass breaks.

“Grab her! Grab her!” yells another officer on land.

Johnson, breathless and grunting, drags the woman out of the sinking vehicle to safety.

The woman, who says her name is “Jasmine,” tells officers that she was driving alone, then focuses her attention on what she lost.

“My car!” she whines.

“It’s just a car,” says another officer.

“Are you hurt at all?” asks another officer.

“No, I’m just scared,” the woman answers, repeating, “My car!”

The video ends with an officer congratulating Johnson.

“Good work, bro.”

The department also gave him props:

“Officer Johnson is a true hero in blue.”

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